A rustling sound was emanating from a window well beside a driveway and the strange sound had to be investigated. The woman of the house, thinking it was perhaps a family of mice, was surprised to find a garter snake writhing on a bed of leaves with a slotted cover of a dryer vent protruding from its scaly body.

She called her stalwart husband and he, because the snake was at a low level, used a pair of BBQ tongs to grab and raise up the plastic screen with the snake trapped in it. There was no way to extricate the reptile as it was firmly wedged and gasping for survival.

The man found a pair of metal cutters and carefully cut through the plastic and gradually eased the snake out of its perilous prison. He placed it in some long grass beside the lawn and, after taking a few minutes to recover its equilibrium and breath, the grass snake slowly moved away across the lawn. The property owners, a few days later, were happy to see that it had re-located to a pile of stones at the back of the garden.