It was a challenging year for local soccer in 2019, not on the soccer field, where TBL’s youngsters did very well, but behind the scenes. Fortunately, for 2020, these organizational issues are being resolved.

The challenge was about the legal structure that governs our TBL soccer. Before 2019, soccer had been administered by a not for profit organization, (NPO), called Loisirs et services communautaires de Lac-Brome Inc / Recreation and Community Services Lac-Brome Inc. It held the bank account, took registrations, paid for equipment and clothing and paid the referees. In 2019, this NPO was closed.

What was discussed last year with the five-member volunteer organizing committee was whether it could form its own NPO to run soccer. It takes more to set up and run one than meets the eye and the committee did not feel that they were equipped to do this. In the past, many payments were cash-based. An NPO can make payments like this, but towns in Quebec cannot. This creates a need for an NPO for local soccer to be properly administered.

To solve this problem, TBL has hired Zachary Clarkson as a full-time coordinator for soccer for 2020. Among his duties, will be to set up a new NPO for soccer and he is already working with several people who wish to join the board. Our sources also tell us that the previous year’s sponsors for soccer are once again offering their financial support.

If you wish to be part of the soccer board, contact Zachary Clarkson, Soccer Coordinator: or 450 242-2020.

For more information about the 2020 soccer program visit the town website: