Knowlton is alive with culture. It brings prosperity and wealth as surely as does a factory or a store. It also means that this community punches above its weight in Quebec and Canada.

Soft Power is what it is called in the international sense. The movie business in the United States is more important economically than the car business. Britain and France exert power not because they are richer than Germany, they aren’t, but because their music, film and fashion make them known across the planet.

Quebec’s robust film and TV industry projects its culture more than does being a branch of Hollywood north.

Slowly the Town of Brome Lake is building itself into a cultural powerhouse. It has the most dynamic theatre in the province outside a big city. Local people support it, and it is a real drawing card, even as the Internet destroys many retail businesses.

There is the Literary Festival, with prominent authors making this town a destination where they want to be seen and heard. It continues to expand in size and importance.

Now after at least one false start there is going to be a film festival here. The town has the modern theatre to showcase a film festival and the talent to run it.

Many designers and writers live here.

The icing on the cake: Louise Penny’s fame and her American fans who come to visit our unique bookstore along with the robust amateur theatre that is a training ground to build the self- confidence for all these projects.

Soft Power. Nothing you can touch, but certainly something you can feel. And this small town has it much more than even its largest neighbours. Something to celebrate.