Congratulations to the 75 joyful volunteers who worked so hard on April 28th to clean up many miles of Town of Brome Lake’s vast road system. This spring clean-up was organized by Lucy Gagnon, councillor for Iron Hill/Bondville/Fulford along with Marc Pelletier, Jean Plaisance and Pierre Fortier. The mayor and other councillors were fully committed, and town vehicles were used to pick up heavy items such as boats and sofas.

Naturally, not all roads could be covered, but an impressive amount of garbage was collected over many kilometers, and what a difference it makes to see the roads clean and starting to grow spring greenery along their edges. To continue the clean-up work, “adopt a road”, inspired from an American concept, has been locally created by Marc Pelletier.

You may ask, why is there so much garbage along our roads in the first place? Who are the people who toss bottles out their car window, or dump old tires, worn-out furniture, etc. etc. along the roadside? Can we somehow encourage them to dispose of their unwanted “stuff” in a more eco-friendly way, so that we can be proud of our lovely rural roads and, as a community, be more environmentally responsible?

The first pick up of large items has now taken place and there will be others throughout the summer (next on June 10 or 11) as well as a second one for branches and leaves on June 7. If possible, to maintain the beauty of our area, items should only be put by the roadside the evening before pick-up.

Extra pocket money can be earned by returning bottles and cans to the store and old furniture and residential waste can be taken to the eco-centre on Mill Road the second Saturday of each month.

Let’s all spring into action and keep our environment clean and beautiful.