By Meredith MacKeen

In an era when the popular trend is to declutter and downsize, many not-for-profit organizations are constantly searching for appropriate places to store their important “stuff”. Most have no storage space of their own, and are constantly looking for places that are dry, have some heat, are accessible, offer long-term availability and are large enough to house all of their possessions in one place.

Just three examples:

The Knowlton Players has a history of 25 years and has acquired lots of costumes and sets that they constantly use and reuse. They are often given interesting clothing and set pieces and want to save them. Presently all of this good stuff is in a rental unit 10ft by 20ft plus a trailer.

The Knowlton Harmony Band has some large instruments such as the timpani (kettle drums) which are hard to move and need to be stored where the drummer can practice, and near the rehearsal area. They also have an extensive library of music, filling eight filing cabinets.

The Knowlton Lions Club is willing to collect through the year small saleable items for their annual garage sale in June, but they are limited by the amount of space available.

All of these groups, and others, require free or very low-cost storage – which is at a premium. Supporters of these organizations offer space in basements or garages when they can. Sometimes schools are willing to find a corner for community groups. As well, the Community Centre offers storage but all space is now occupied. So, the quest continues for long-term free, quality storage. If you can help, please contact one of these groups.