No soapbox racing in Knowlton on June 24. No traditional fireworks on July 1. No festivals. All casualties of the pandemic. A hub of popular activities and a magnet for tourists TBL will, this summer, live at a different pace. No special events will take place but public open space and nature will be on offer for residents and for tourists from the region; all to be enjoyed while social distancing remains concern number one.

Pot-Pourri of activities:

Douglass Beach: the parking is open; Please note that the latest Tempo issue (July/August) was already at the printer when TBL reopened Douglass Beach to all.

Tiffany Beach: will remain open for boats and kayaks to access the lake.

TBL’s newly acquired beachfront property in Bondville to be known as“Terrasse Carke’’, will remain closed.

Rowing Club activities on the lake: Rowing will take place between July 1-Aug 31 with strict rules of distancing and disinfection of equipment.

Boating: Only those living together can board the same boat. A distance of 2 m is required between boats and paddle boards on the lake.

Day camps: Salamander Camp for the 9-13 age group will operate between June 29 and Aug. 21. Friday outings are cancelled.

Museum: reopening June 22 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. every day. Farmer’s market: Every Saturday between June 6 and Oct. 10 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on the Théâtre Lac-Brome grounds.

Eco-centres: TBL’s eco-centre will be closed during June and July. However, the one in Cowansville will remain open from Monday to Saturday. Bring proof of residence.


Our region has been spared the influx of COVID cases. As of mid-June, government reports that Brome Lake has 12 cases; West Bolton, fewer than 5, the same as East Bolton; St-Etienne and Brome had no reported cases at all. This is very good news.