Press Release

With the results of a survey conducted this fall, the municipalities of Brome Lake and Bromont are calling on newly elected provincial representatives to allow the neighbouring communities to establish a partnership regarding police services, and are asking for the adoption of a private bill to do so.

A total of 600 residents of both communities were polled by Léger. The survey shows that three out of four respondents are in favour of the Bromont Police force covering TBL’s territory. The Sûreté du Québec is currently in charge of police operations in Brome Lake. The survey also reveals that two-thirds of Brome Lake participants believe that this avenue would improve police presence and safety in their town.

Among the Bromont residents surveyed, a majority think that this agreement would result in savings for taxpayers.

“Our new representative at the National Assembly for Brome-Missisquoi, Isabelle Charest, was in favour of the proposal during the election period. The results of the survey are revealing and position us well to move forward. We now want to take the project to the next level,” said Bromont Mayor Louis Villeneuve.

“Our citizens are behind us in this project and both cities are on the same page. It has previously been demonstrated that there are significant savings to be made with this scenario. We have come a long way, all that remains is for the provincial government to do its part,” says Richard Burcombe, Mayor of Brome Lake.

Such an approach requires the adoption of a private bill, since the Police Act does not allow a community of less than 50,000 residents to make changes to its police service.

In an effort to provide their residents with the opportunity to learn more about the vision of the two cities on this subject, Bromont and Brome Lake will organize information sessions, the dates of which will be made public at a later date.