As usual in December, TBL presented its budget for the coming year. Overall revenues expected in 2021 are $15,647,730 and operating expenses will reach $14,006,110.

For residents, this translates into a mill rate 66.5 cents (the same as last year) on residences; $1.49 on non-residential properties and $1.86 on industrial installations.

Taxes on a $300,000 serviced residence will go up by 0.8% and by 1.1% on a non-serviced one mostly attributable to the $22 increase of the septic tank tax.

As part of its 3-year plan, the town expects to spend $3.2M this year on the new Blackwood dam and $320,000 to reorganize parking lots, particularly at Douglass and Tiffany beaches.

Long term debt is expected to reach $18,985,000 from $14,266,000 in 2020.