Katherine Jacques

Special Items The Government of Quebec tabled the project of law #96 which negates all bilingual status for any municipality where less than 50% of its residents are English speakers. The council is unanimously choosing to keep TBL’s bilingual status and will follow the necessary process to achieve that.

TBL and Bromont have been working for the past few years to reach an agreement for a combined police force to cover the two areas. Though they spoke to the consulting committee, Green Book, working on recommendations for the reorganization of all police forces in the province of Quebec, the final report did not mention the Bromont/TBL project at all. The council will continue to press for this to be considered as it does not want all the efforts of the past few years to be discounted and wasted.

2020 Financial Report The 2020 Financial report was tabled, and is available on the town website, with a surplus of over $3M. The Welcome tax was the greatest contribution to the increase in revenue and COVID was a big part of savings throughout the year since many activities could not be held.The town also received unexpected provincial grants aimed at reducing the impact of COVID-19 on municipal finances Some of the surplus will be used for the following: to reduce taxes to businesses, the addition of road works, $500K was put towards the new fire station planned to be built on Victoria Street, and $1M was put towards reducing the loan for the new Coldbrook dam project. Question period Statistics show that the Ecocenter in Cowansville has been visited by TBL residents at a greater frequency than the one in TBL, while it was open. The advantages of Cowansville are that waiting times are less long and it is open six days a week.

Canada Post has still not made the change for the sector names to Ville de Lac Brome. Should any citizens be having issues, they should contact the Town Hall. There are 130 people living in Brome Lake who have postal addresses outside of the town.

A petition was tabled about the cycling corridor on Victoria Street. The mayor mentioned that a firm has been hired to evaluate all bike paths and corridors, at the end of the summer, for future corrections.

Municipal elections This coming November 7, citizens of 70 years and older will be able to make requests, through the proper channels, to cast their vote by correspondence. Non-permanent residents will also be able to do the same should they not be able to cast their votes in person.

Tax – 4th installment Residents will have received a new version of their tax bill in the mail. A technical issue in the 4th installment calculation caused it not to be included in the previous mailing.

Other News Melissa Brock has passed her probation and is now permanent in her new position in the taxation department.

The Lake Patrol has started but some may notice that there are a few buoys missing. The chains marking them were vandalized or cut by the ice but will be replaced soon. Please, in the meantime, be careful not to go too close to shore.

There has been a food truck in Lions Park for the past few weeks. Though food trucks are not normally allowed in the town, a pilot project has begun allowing permits to be given out this summer. The firm hired to build the shelter for the two rowing clubs could not deliver in time so a tent will be purchased and rented to the clubs to store their boats for the next 24 months.

Hopefully, the next, and future, council meeting will be able to be held in person.

Next meeting: July 5 at 7 p.m. Centre Lac-Brome