Mayor Richard Burcombe chaired the meeting with all councillors present. There were about 15 citizens in the audience.

Questions – A citizen asked if the inter-municipal agreement with Waterloo concerning the arena was to be renewed for this year. The mayor said yes. The DG, Gilbert Arel added that the agreement will have to be looked at as the town is being charged an additional $20,000 by Waterloo over what the town pays for its citizens to use the facility.

The installation of a glass bottle collection bin at the IGA is not due before mid-October.

After a question from a citizen, DG Gilbert Arel asked citizens to report the presence of invasive knotweed on the territory. Eradication action will take place next spring. 

Administration – The town is proceeding with the payments to Construction BSL for the construction and installation of the Trestle Cove bridges due to be installed in late October. The town will spread 2,500 tonnes of abrasive on its roads this year at a cost of $11.50 + taxes a tonne. The contract was awarded to Allard & Allard. Award of a new engineering study for the reconstruction of the Blackwood dam was estimated at $246,811.

Legislation – Council tabled a motion to densify the use of parking area from 30% to 40% in front of semi-detatched houses as is the case for townhouses. This is subject to public consultation.

Land use and Environment Management – The value of permits issued so far this year reached $26,500,000 or $7,500,000 more than last year even if fewer permits were issued this year.

Council voted to allow construction of an accessory building entirely within the protected shoreline at 687 Lakeside.

Council approved, on second reading, an exception to zoning (SCAOPI) to an industrial building at 14 Maple. After a public consultation held in September, it will be authorized to use the building to manufacture hair dyes, for storage and R&D. The town reserves the right to impose restrictions on the owner should nuisances such as traffic or noise intensify in this residential area.

Public Security – The town will ask the MTQ that pedestrian crosswalks be installed in front of 325 Lakeside and in front of the Auberge Jolivent on Bondville Rd.

Next meeting: Monday, November 4 at 7 p.m. at CLB