Mayor Richard Burcombe chaired the meeting at CLB with all councillors present. There were 12 people in the audience.

General information – The new three-year assessment roll (2019-20-21) for TBL has jumped by an average of 9.34%. The mayor said that Council would make “adjustments’’ to the mil rate so that tax bills do not increase at that rate. (Ed. Note: asked by Tempo if the tax increase would be limited to the rate of inflation, the mayor did not want to commit before discussing next year’s budget with members of Council).

Questions – Will the town adopt new bylaws to deal with the legalization of marijuana? The mayor answered that the topic was on the agenda of the next meeting of the 21 MRC mayors. He insist- ed that all mayors have to agree on a common bylaw if the SQ is to enforce it.

A citizen expressed concern about the long-term parking in the Foster area of several train cars containing propane gas. The mayor said that the train cars are likely to stay there for a long time. In Bromont, for example, where a similar situation existed, the train cars were parked for over two years. All this is legal, said the mayor and DG Gilbert Arel, and done according to accepted rules.

Legislation, notices of motion – A notice of motion of a borrowing bylaw for an $850,000 loan over 20 years for the construction of the Trestle Cove footbridges was tabled.

Land use and Environment Management – Council granted two minor derogations to allow for construction in the lake’s shore- line protection zone. A terrace can be built in part in the protection zone on Rock Island Bay Road; Councillor Lucy Gagnon objected to granting this derogation, all other councillors voted for it. All councillors agreed to grant another derogation to build a garage in the protected zone on Lakeside Road.

Leisure, Culture, Tourism and Community Life – Council voted a $10,000 grant to the Tour du Lac Brome 2018. A $15,000 grant was voted in favour of pursuing the International Programme at École Saint-Édouard for 2018-19.

Questions – A citizen asked about the status of the police services. The mayor said the opinion poll conducted in TBL and Bromont was complete and he was pleased with the results. They will be made public. If the Bromont police force had covered the TBL territory this year, the mayor said savings in the order of $400,000 would have been made. There would be more savings next year as the cost of the SQ services is expected to rise substantially in line with the increase in the assessment roll.

A question was asked about the inquiry into the fatal shooting by police of a young TBL resident this past summer. The mayor said he did not expect the results of this inquiry to be known before a year or more.

Next meeting : 7 p.m. Monday, November 5 at CLB

TBL special meetings

Sept. 21

Council approved an expense of $1,113,064.93 for the purchase of of a fire truck equipped with a water pump and a 78 foot ladder. The town will borrow $850,000 over a 10-year period to pay for it.

October 15

Mayor Richard Burcombe chaired the meeting in the presence of five councillors and an audience of 13 people.

Administration and Finance – Council voted to refinance a debt of $3,878,000 by the issuance of bonds bearing 3.02% interest for the purchase of equipment, road work on Victoria Street and on Mill and Fairmount Roads.

An agreement was reached with Bell to move 12 posts on Victoria St. at a cost of $69,637 to the town. The posts are expected to be moved next spring when the second coat of asphalt will be applied on the road.

Public Safety – The town presented an offer of $72,000 to purchase the land across from Windmill Plastics on Victoria for the site of the future Fire station.