Mayor Richard Burcombe chaired the meeting. Councillor Ron Myles (West Brome/Iron Hill) was absent. About 12 citizens were in attendance.

Mayor Burcombe thanked First Responders, Firemen and especially young Shawn Turcotte for his quick intervention in the August 9 road accident in Fulford.

The mayor announced the passing of Michel Beaudoin whom he praised as a citizen who greatly helped the town over the years.

Administration – Council voted for an extension to the “Fonds d’appui pour le rayonnement des régions” until the end of next year. (Ed. Note: this fund will help pay for the walking path’s bridge over Trestle Cove. The bridge which was to be built this winter will now have to wait until next spring or summer).

TBL’s communication specialist Ghyslain Forcier is now a permanent town employee after six months probation.

Temporary increase in the town’s margin of credit from $1M to $5M in light of the important roadwork being undertaken by the town.

Land use and Environment Management – $15M is the total value of permits issued so far by the town this year. Four requests for building changes were approved by Council.
A minor derogation request in Rock Island Bay to build a terrace in the protected shoreline zone was denied.

Public Security – Council voted for setting up a pedestrian cross- walk at 400 Lakeside.

Leisure, Culture, Tourism and Community Life – Council voted to support the BMP Foundation at the rate of $3,650 / year for the next five years.

The Ultra de Bromont race is to take place on some TBL streets on Oct. 6-7; a roadblock for the Main dans la Main Foundation is planned for Dec. 15.

Next meeting: Tuesday, Oct. 2 at 7 p.m. at CLB