Owen Falquero is the new TBL Town clerk. Some will remember him as a former chairman of the Chamber of Commerce, others as a general practice lawyer in Knowlton or one specializing in class actions in Montreal or even as an immigration legal expert for the federal government. Mr. Falquero brings to his new job a wide range of experience and knowledge.

He moved to Knowlton in 2002 after having lived in Saskatchewan for many years. Why did he move to Town Hall? “It was a perfect occasion for me, he says. I knew I was joining a good team. I live within a kilometre of my job, so for quality of life, it is a perfect fit.”

Falquero also brings a fresh enthusiasm to a position that is sometimes perceived as gray and tedious. “I am the custodian of all the Town’s documents and I move within a very specialized field of law, he says, but there is also scope to be creative. Bylaws have to be creative”.

New Airbnb bylaw

Case in point, the municipality is now looking at adopting a new bylaw to deal with Airbnb rentals. “Airbnb is such a big thing”, says Falquero. We will have to put together a comprehensive project that will be submitted to the public so they can give their input.” The mayor indicated that the new bylaw would be on the books by December of this year.

This will likely be the first important test for the new clerk, a man who projects confidence and who wants to be on top of things!