Tempo has been published for 38 years and it is easy to take such an institution for granted. So, for those that might have forgotten and for those who never knew, here is our founding story and principles. 

Tempo was founded in 1983 by a diverse group of local residents who wanted to know more about what was going on in town, and to help the French and English communities get to know each other better. No professional newspaper was willing to cover the area as it was felt that there were not enough local businesses to make it financially worthwhile. So, with the initial support of the Knowlton Lions Club, the group decided to create its own monthly, bilingual publication put out by volunteers. Bilingual publications are a rarity. Over the years Tempo has tried to remain true to its early objectives. As noted in an article on the history of the Town of Brome Lake, a lot has changed over 50 years. The face of this area has changed, along with the rest of Quebec, Canada and the world. However, we hope that the spirit of the original founders of Tempo remains the same. Here are the principles laid out early on: 

1. To foster a greater sense of community in the diverse parts of the Town of Brome Lake and neighbouring communities (i.e. Village of Brome, West Bolton, South Bolton, Bolton Centre and St. Étienne). 

2. To keep residents better informed on the workings of municipal governments and of the various organizations and individuals in the area. 

3. To support business activity in the area. 

4. To provide a medium for the publicizing of the area to investors, tourists, visitors and new residents 

5. To publish in French and English in order to serve both language groups, and to promote a better understanding between them. 

Tempo is a volunteer non-profit organization whose only source of revenue is advertisements. It is interesting to note that, after the first few years, it was not necessary to sell ads (not a popular volunteer activity). The ads just arrive from local businesses whose support over the years has allowed Tempo to publish and preserve its principles.