To replace Midnight Madness, which had to be cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions, Lucy Hoblyn, and the Town of Brome Lake have come together with a fun way to promote local businesses. In the style of an Advent Calendar, one business will be featured each day, will have a special promotion and customers will be entered into a draw. The winner will be drawn at the end of that day and will be the lucky recipient of a gift certificate for that shop or restaurant. There will also be another chance to win a gift certificate if you go on the Town Facebook page: and comment on your experience at the particular business, you are then entered in the drawing for the prize. Now you have the opportunity to support the local businesses on different days, take advantage of promotions, enjoy new experiences and maybe win a prize.

Dec 1 – Lebel Object

Dec 2 – Smugglebuffs

Dec 3 – Panissimo

Dec 4 – Bouquet de Knowlton

Dec 5 – Camlen

Dec 6 – Windrush

Dec 7 – Etownships

Dec 8 – Virgin Hill

Dec 9 – Boulangerie Lace

Dec 10 – Hors-Cadre

Dec 11 – Le Panier Champêtre

Dec 12  – Rococo

Dec 13 – à la Carte

Dec 14 – Brome Lake Books

Dec 15 – Canards du Lac Brome

Dec 16 – Chez Moi Chez Toi

Dec 17 – Domaine Jolivent

Dec 18 – Vignoble Léon Courville

Dec 19 – Le Relais

Dec 20 – Domenica

Dec 21 – MA Luminaires

Dec 22 – La vie Sucrée

Dec 23 – Belles Choses

Dec 24 – Star Cafe