The Brome County Historical Society (BCHS) goes back to 1898 when it was first incorporated. Its original mandate was to preserve the past for the future generations.

Over the years and with the support of the community, the BCHS has made journeying back to the 19th Century through displays of artifacts used by the people of that era an experience we can all share today.

The Old School House on Tibbit’s Hill and Centre Road, was built in 1844. It schooled English-speaking children until 1928. It is now managed by the BCHS which has maintained the original schoolroom as it was in the 19th Century.

Six different buildings occupy the Museum grounds, they are: The Centennial Building; it houses the admission to the museum. The Cabin was the home of founder Paul Holland Knowlton. The Paul Holland Knowlton Academy was the area’s first high school. The Martin Annex houses the German War trophies, including the famous 1918 Fokker DVII biplane. The Marion Phelps Building honours a long serving volunteer and archivist of the Museum. It was converted into the children’s museum in 2014 (closed for the moment). The Old Firehall pays tribute to the life and legacy of radio pioneer Reginald Aubrey Fessenden who was born in Brome County.