After visiting Douglass Beach, you will want to discover a little more of Knowlton, especially its lovely old country homes.

Way back when, at the turn of the 20th century, wealthy families from Montreal would come by train to spend the summer holidays in Knowlton. In those days, the train would stop to let them disembark so they could more easily get to their cottages on Conference Road. A walking path stretching many kilometres from Knowlton to Foster has now replaced the railroad tracks.

A graceful row of houses, all with their verandahs and their summer souvenirs will greet you along Conference Road. It can be reached, on the other side of Lakeside, off the beach parking lot.

Those lovely old homes are witness to a very different and elegant way of life. They also tell us about the commitment of their present owners to carry on the tradition of pleasant summers spent enjoying the breezes of Brome Lake.