Alison Marks

The BCHS Adopt-an-Artifact event, which happens throughout the month of August every year, is the museum’s most important fundraiser. The concept of having museum members adopt an artifact is a well-known fundraising idea that helps museum members tangibly connect with their heritage.

The concept was originally launched in 2016 by then curator Cari Ensio and assistant Joanne Croghan. It was so successful that the Board and curator, Jeremy Reeves, eagerly voted to hold it again.We are now in our 6th year of the Adopt an-Artifact fundraising event, and to its credit, the community’s support for this fundraiser is still incredibly strong, with many members renewing their artifact adoption year-after-year.

TheAdopt-an-Artifact fundraising event is being ably led by two BCHS Board members, Helgi Soutar and Abbey Lacroix. Approximately 55 artifacts will be put up for adoption with prices as low as $125 up to $3000, with tax receipts issued for adopted items.

Some notable artifacts up for adoption are:

Fire Cart;

• Nicholas Ruel Original Artwork;

Anti-Tank Gun (17 Pounder);

• Stained Glass Window;

Paul Holland Knowlton’s Sword.

To cap off the month-long adoption process, and to recognize members and friends of the Museum who have adopted artifacts, a Night-at-the-Museum gala evening is planned on August 28, from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. with food, drinks and fun. Tickets to this memorable summer gala are on sale now at