Many residents recall magic moments on Mont Glen when the hill was filled with family and friends. Aviron Knowlton (AKR) hopes that soon many will share the same feelings about rowing on our lake.  This is why, this summer, AKR is doubling the number of spaces that we have for youth rowing camps. There will now be camps in both the mornings and afternoons in July and August. 

Thanks to a PACT grant, AKR is also working with Knowlton Academy and the Salamander Camp to create a testbed for school rowing. AKR will run four experimental camps this summer.  To support this expansion, with the help of l’Association Québécoise d’Aviron (AQA), AKR will have access to a fleet of the most modern training boats possible. In turn, the Town of Brome Lake will build a new rowing shed on Douglass Beach this summer and rent this to AKR.  Of course, AKR will also be offering a wide range of programs to adults who will take the early morning shifts. 

Covid: Under protocols set by Rowing Canada and supervised by AQA, AKR successfully ran last year’s season. We expect that we can do this again in 2021.  There is much talk about “Access” to the lake. In practice, this means access to the shoreline. In a rowing shell, you become part of the lake itself. AKR is a community organization whose aim is to offer this magical experience to all regardless of age, gender or ability. 

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