After waiting more than a year, Jim and Nick Allan were finally able to open the doors of Knowlton Co. on November 13. On this official début evening, the venue was packed with residents, including Mayor Burcombe, curious to experience this new microbrewery, a first for Town of Brome Lake.

With seating for 64 inside, including four in front of the pizza oven and 20 at the large u-shaped bar in the centre, Knowlton Co. is sure to become a must for residents and visitors alike. In summer, with its terrace in the rear, its seating capacity will double. Knowlton Co. features a varied menu giving clients a wide choice, including pizzas baked in a wood-fired oven, ready in two minutes. Most food is prepared on site by Chef Simon Vaillancourt and his sous-chef Véronique Dubé.

The focus is on locally-sourced produce. Several dishes incorporate certain of the beers brewed on site, such as the fish taco, fish and chips, onion soup and even certain desserts.

For now, four of their beers are on the menu: Wheat Ale, Cream Ale, IPA and Stout. Soon there will be up to a dozen beers available for tasting.

The owners have created a warm atmosphere in this industrial space, using touches of wood, copper and live greenery. Keeping the accent local, even the planks on the walls have been cut from trees felled on a property in Town of Brome Lake.

Children are welcome, but no reservations are taken, so it’s first come, first served. You can order a pizza for take-out; in mid-December you will also be able to purchase beer from the brewery in aluminum cans. This itself will be a novelty: with a nod to the environment and a view to marketing small quantities of beer, the printing will be done directly on the cans, so that no plastic will be used in their manufacture.

Open from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. every day since November 14, this new destination fits right in with TLB’s other attractions. Knowlton Co. has a team of 17 employees, headed up by Jim Allan, the owner, his son Nick, head of operations, and Geneviève Quintin, manager of the dining area staff.

Translation: Tam Davis