Lea Curley, Pettes Memorial Library

We hope you enjoy this second instalment in our series on things to come at Pettes Memorial Library.

It’s no fairy tale! The first phase of fundraising for Pettes Memorial Library’s expansion project is under way. With this project, we will write a new chapter in our continuing story, and some aspects of it will be pretty magical. For instance, there’s the roof… Imagine you are perched atop the new wing off the back of the Library. You’re looking out across the trees and footpaths of Coldbrook Park to the sparkling Mill Pond beyond. It’s a sunny summer morning. Birdsong fills the air. A few people are strolling along the boardwalk around the pond. Others are stretched out under the trees, enjoying the day. You sit, relaxed, coffee and newspaper in hand, taking in the scene. Your children or grandchildren are there with you, but their focus is elsewhere, absorbed by the bees, butterflies and hummingbirds busy among the flowers, while an animator gives them a talk on the virtues of garden pollinators. You already have a good idea what kind of books the kids will be wanting to take home with them when the time comes to go…

Are you dreaming? No, you’re on the Library’s future garden terrace, named for a local family in celebration of their generous contribution to the fundraising effort. This roof-top paradise is just one of the many new attractions Pettes Memorial Library will have soon. Greater, more functional space and up-to-the-minute technology and equipment will enable us to introduce new services, programs and activities for every interest and age group. And it will give you a beautiful place to sit on a sunny summer day. What a great way to continue our 126-year-old story!

For opening hours, go to: www.pettes.ca www.facebook.com/petteslibrary