The Foundation was established as a registered charitable organization in 1987 by four residents of TBL: Marc Decelles, Peter Wade, Preben Mohr and Lawrence Jackson.

Their objective was to protect wetlands and other land of ecological value in the area surrounding Brome Lake. All lakes “age” as they gradually fill with sediment carried by incoming streams. Wetlands help conserve water quality by filtering out sediment and nutrients. Fifty percent of the water flowing into our lake comes from Quilliams, Durrell and Mclaughlin Creeks and is filtered through this wetland. The Foundation now owns 330 acres, or over 60% of this 525-acre wetland. The Foundation’s goal is to have all the big wetland shown on the map in conservation status.

The Foundation has followed the lead of the four founding members in believing that land owner- ship is the most effective way to control land use and condition. The Foundation owns 12 properties totalling 660 acres. Most is wetland. These properties have all been donated to the Foundation by local residents with an interest in conservation of nature and wildlife habitat.

All lands owned by the Foundation are held in conservation status in perpetuity and are recognized as Réserves naturelles by Quebec and contribute to biodiversity conservation. Donors receive a charitable donation tax receipt for the ‘fair market value’ of the land. Many donors stipulate that the land is to be a nature reserve and that there shall be no public access. This protects nature and the privacy of the donor who may live nearby.

The Foundation is actively looking for financial support, and for new members who are interested in being involved in protecting the watershed of Brome Lake. Please see our ad on the following page for information on ways you can support the Foundation and help us to protect the future health of Brome Lake.