Tam Davis, who has died too young at the age of 73, was until a few months ago the president of Tempo. He was greatly loved by all for his wisdom, patience and dedication to any task he took on. A retired lawyer, Tam was a soft-spoken man who had a way of settling things down. He made subtle changes at Tempo in areas as arcane as the bylaws. 

Perhaps his biggest strength, though, was on the editorial side. Tam was flawless in both English and French and not only wrote articles but translated the work of others. His attention to detail was amazing. When he first arrived as a volunteer at Tempo several years ago, he was assigned a story on recycling. He researched every  detail of the subject and returned to the next editorial meeting with a fine piece covering every aspect of recycling written in a clear, readable way. 

Tam and his wife Marie Josée Meekers bought a house just outside the village in 2000 and spent years fixing it up. When Tam retired from law three years ago, they moved here full time. Along with his work at Tempo, Tam was involved with Mont Echo Conservation Association. 

He was born Thomas Robin MacLeod in Montreal. He attended Bishop’s College School in Lennoxville, Quebec. After graduating from McGill with a B.A. in History, he went to Paris and took a diploma in French Civilization at the Sorbonne. It was there that he polished his French and acquired his lifelong love of France and all things French. He also embraced his Scottish heritage and enjoyed donning his kilt for special occasions.  Back in Montreal, Tam earned a law degree at McGill. 

Tam was held in high regard by his colleagues and confrères, noted as both a gentleman and a gentle man when putting his point across. Grateful for the mentoring he received as a young lawyer at Laing Weldon in Montreal, he was, in turn, a mentor to younger lawyers who worked with him as a partner at McCarthy Tétrault and later Ogilvy Renault and its successor firm, Norton Rose Fulbright. His practice took him in fascinating directions over five decades, spanning real estate to business law and eventually to historic provincial energy projects. 

Along with his intellectual curiosity, Tam was physically active. He and his wife went hiking, snowshoeing and cross country skiing. Tam competed several times in the Canadian Ski Marathon, a gruelling cross-country ski trip from Lachute, Quebec, to Ottawa.  Tam and Marie Josée enjoyed gardening and outdoor life. Tam, always a perfectionist, mastered cooking a turkey on the barbecue. The two of them travelled extensively; France and Italy were favourites in Europe, but they also visited South America and New Zealand. 

Tam Davis was born in Montreal on June 30, 1947. He died on April 29, 2021. He is survived by his wife Marie Josée Meekers, his children Alexander and Dominique and his granddaughter Pyrrha.