By Jessica Brown, Special contributor

According to Louise Penny’s famous books, Three Pines is a sleepy kind of village with wonderful places to eat and shop for unique and interesting things like books and antiques. Knowlton, where Penny lives, is often said to be the real-life model for Three Pines, and local merchants appreciate that very much. So much so, that last year a special Three Pines tourism circuit was set up in 12 locations in Knowlton, all within walking distance of each other.

Visitors who came to discover the fictional Three Pines, were able to go into some of Ms.Penny’s favourite haunts in town, read the poster, answer the questions and enter into a draw for all kinds of interesting Three Pines gifts. Visitors were also encouraged to take their pictures at the displays and tweet #threepinesfriendly or put them on the Three Pines Friendly Facebook page to enter a contest to win gifts.

This year, the circuit is being reinvented and improved with new displays and questions. The new circuit will bring Louise Penny fans from all over the world to visit our little hollow.

Anyone wishing to attend the launch of the summer 2017 edition is invited to join the Three Pines Committee at Brome Lake Books on June 9th from 5-7pm.

For more information: Phone 450-242-2242 or email