Well-informed gardeners often say a garden is never finished. Every season one must shift certain vegetables around, replace others or even enlarge a flower bed. When sunny days arrive, all garden lovers are struck by the same virus: gardening. Blue skies and mild days recharge our batteries. But before you run off to your garden centre, it is important you do your homework. Over a period of ten years, during springtime, I helped a friend who owned a garden centre on the South Shore of Montreal. I often met couples who wanted to plant a flower bed on the facade of their newly purchased home. My first question was always: what is the size of the area you wish to beautify? It was amazing how many times people did not have that information, so vital to calculate the number of plants they would need to choose. So before leaving your home, make sure you know the dimensions of your planned project.

Another question that bothered many people was whether the area was sunny or in shade. This is a key consideration, as some plants do well in sunny areas, others in the shade. Again, this information is vital for your garden centre staff to give you good advice. We live in 2021; almost everyone has a cellphone and an iPad. Take photos of your property. It will enormously help the work of your garden advisor. For example, if she sees that the facade of your home is red, she will not advise you to purchase flowers having the same colour! In a nutshell, arm yourself with as much information as you can. It will ensure you receive good counsel at the garden centre.

Translation: Tam Davis