The mayor chaired the meeting with all councillors present. There were 30 people in the audience.

Opening remarks – Mayor Richard Burcombe announced that the register scheduled for April 4 on the Faubourg Lac-Brome development project is cancelled. A request not to hold a referendum was received by the town prior to the opening of the register. 

Special question period – A Foster resident explained that citizens are concerned about their water supply if the project to build 46 houses goes ahead. He said the town did not do its due diligence. He asked that the town carry hydrological tests to put these concerns to rest. The mayor responded that no hydrologist would ever say that water supply is 100% guaranteed or that there would be no problems. Such tests would cost thousands of dollars. He added that the golf course used up more water than the projected houses ever will and no well went dry in Foster. Another citizen questioned the many derogations required for this project notably the 45 meters of protection on both sides of Durrull stream. The mayor answered that the government norm is 15 meters of riverbank protection. Moreover he said, enforcing the 45 meters would mean no construction would be possible on either side of the stream. Councillor Lee Paterson added that the special by-law for the project contains no more than six elements of derogation. Another resident of Foster, Secretary of Renaissance Lac-Brome, pointed out that the water used on the golf course greens came from surface wells not from dug wells as will be the case for the future construction, so he supported the view that more should be examined about the capacity of artesian wells. To this the mayor responded that all similar projects in the past, such as 400 Lakeside, never ran out of water. The Faubourg Lac- Brome project was later adopted by council.

Administration – St-Pierre Tremblay is awarded two contracts: $3,691,419 for the renovation of Victoria Street and $2,997,659 for the reconstruction of Mill and Fairmount Roads. The town has concluded a new five-year collective agreement with its 14 blue collar employees. It includes a yearly salary increase of two percent subject to increase if the CPI goes up to 2,5 or 3%.

Legislation – Adoption of bylaws to finance provincial grants for water works on Knowlton Rd. totalling $832,562; adoption of borrowing by-law for $3,350,000 for the reconstruction of Mill and Fairmount Roads, subject to a register to be announced.

Land use and environment – All twelve requests for site planning modifications were adopted together with three minor derogations, one allowing construction within 15 meters of the lake.

Council voted to ask the CPTAQ to allow 32 hectares – of the former Lac-Brome Golf Club – to be turned into a land reserve.

Council voted to resort to a special bylaw – SCAOIP – to allow a micro-brewery “Knowlton Brewery’’ to set up shop at 576 Knowlton Rd. 

Leisure, Culture and Community life – Volunteers’ night to take place on May 4 at CLB. Financial assistance is granted to: Shakespeare on the Green, $8,000; The Three Pines Tours, $5,300; Ruiter Valley Land Trust, $1,050.

Fête nationale to take place at Coldbrook Park on June 23. Postponed to June 24 in case of rain. Adoption of action plan to make TBL “Municipalité amie des aînés’’.

Next meeting: Monday, May 7 at 7 p.m. at CLB.