Mayor Richard Burcombe chaired the meeting with all councillors present. About 70 people were in the audience.

General Information – In the wake of the Inverness Golf Club situation, Councillor Lucy Gagnon said that if the Inverness golf course is put up for sale, she will support the citizens that will be affected and that she can be trusted to preserve green spaces.

Questions – Two questioners asked the town to act to put a stop to the excessive noise caused in their neighbourhood by Airbnb week-end rentals. Again this year the police were called. The citizens do not want to live with noise every weekend all summer long. The mayor said a letter was sent to the owner of one property in question on Montagne St. He agreed with the questioners and said the town will act to regulate these rentals. (See art. P. 28)

Administration – The lake protection group Renaissance Lac Brome will receive a $45,000 grant from the town for this year.

Bylaws – Council tabled an amendment to zoning bylaw 596-10 to restrict the use of the land in the Inverness golf area. It aims to prevent camping grounds in two zones and to limit activities to golfing.

A second amendment to subdivision bylaw 597 was tabled to prevent building or extending any private road outside of the urban area. Finally a third amendment was tabled to bylaw 601 to clarify and restrict the emission of permits on subdivision streets. These modifications will apply to all citizens in these zones. They were made to address the preoccupations of property owners around the Inverness golf course.

Land use and Environment – Council approved the request for municipal infrastructure for a new development of 25 semi-detached houses at Jolibourg and Julien streets.

Public Security – Ross Clarkson and Marc-André Fortier, will be new members of the Lake patrol. Council asked the Department of Transport to look at re-designing the intersection of Maple and Knowlton roads and suggested that stop signs be put up. A similar request has been made to the department so that a sign be posted at the intersection of highways 243 and 215 for truck drivers to reduce motor braking.

Recreation, Culture and Community Life – An extra $1,000 is granted to the Fête nationale so that it gets $10,000 or the same amount as the Canada Day celebrations; Massey-Vanier Scholarship funds (French and English) are awarded $500 each and the musical group Harmonie des Saisons $1,000.

Use of public domain: Roadblock on May 18 for Firemen association; Low-Ball Tournament June 6-9 Lions Park; Tour du lac Brome June 13-17; Fête nationale June 24 or 25, Coldbrook Park; Canada Day June 30 or July 1, Lions Park; Shakespeare in the Park July 20, Lions Park; Défi des Cantons Sept. 7 at Davis and Fulford Rds.

Varia – In view of the crisis created by the recent or imminent departure of three medical doctors at the Knowlton Medical Clinic, or 50% of the medical staff, council asked for a meeting between the mayor, the DG and the health minister in order to voice their concerns. In its resolution, the town stressed that an aging population does not always have the financial or material resources to seek medical service in a large and remote service centre. 

Questions – A representative of the Inverness Golf property owners indicated that the legislative changes tabled earlier by council were insufficient. In his view, this situation was caused by a resolution of a previous council. It is up to the present council to rectify it he said. The mayor said that the measures adopted so far were sufficient. In answer to another citizen, the mayor replied that there was no development project on the table. The irate citizen then said the mayor was on the side of the owner of the golf club when he should be batting for the property owners around the golf course. Angered by this comment, the mayor said he was the representative of all the citizens of TBL.

The meeting was adjourned amid noisy contestation on the part of the 50 or so people opposed to the town’s position.

Next meeting: Monday, May 6, 7 p.m. at CLB