Following is a synopsis of the video of “Council at a glance” for April. 

Hens – The mayor opened the meeting by stating that the many callers who had asked the town about a new policy concerning hens on April 1 should know that this was an April fools’ joke by Tempo. 

The Beach – Public Works has prepared the parking lot for paving this spring. In place of the old ticket office there will be a paid parking ticket machine for non-residents.  Residents will park for free. The spaces will be marked on the pavement enabling more cars. The low bid for paving the site was for $209,165. Work will begin this spring/early summer. 

Council has also approved the construction of a temporary shed on Douglass Beach to house the rowers who need more security for their boats.  The shed will be located on the strip of land adjacent to the Brome Lake Boating Club on the east side of the beach. After two years the shed will be moved to the Public Works site. In the interim, the rowers will pay rent to TBL and seek funds to build a permanent shed.  There were three bids on the shed. The accepted low bid was $38,000 and there are additional costs of $13,000 for site clearing and a door. Work should be completed in time for the summer. 

Roads – Improvements to our roads over the last five years have meant that the amount of repairs that have to be made in the spring are less than normal. The good weather is also helping. 

Graders are already working on the gravel roads. Most will be ready by the end of May. We still have to wait for a complete thaw before the liquid calcium can be added to reduce the dust. Street Sweeping has begun in town. 

During the special meeting of March 19, Council approved road work on Sugar Hill and St Paul’s Road. There were four bids. The accepted low bid is $1,000,038. TBL also gets a grant from Quebec for 70% or $735,000. reducing the cost to the Town. 

The Mill Pond Dam – Discussions on this project have been ongoing since 2007. Emergency repairs had to be made in 2011. Work to bring the dam up to a high specification will begin this summer. 

The proposed condos on the site of St. Paul – This is proving to be a complex project that is requiring a change to the Urban Plan. Discussions continue with the Anglican Diocese of Montreal who see the project as an important way of securing the future of the Church here in Knowlton. More information will become available soon. 

Communications – The town has negotiated a new contract for the 311 number. Now residents can call 24/7 if they need something from the town or have an emergency and be assured that their call will be answered. This is a three-year contract for $10,000 a year. 

More town council news – Signs have been ordered for the Knowlton to Foster trail, courtesy and respect are encouraged. 

Mill Pond dam repair contract has been given to Couillard Construction Ltée for $2 696 612. contingent on the approval of a borrowing bylaw of $3M. 

Citizens have until Monday, May 3 at 4 p.m. to submit their request to participate to a referendum about the requested borrowing bylaw. Contact the town hall for more details. 

The agreement with Renaissance Lac Brome will be renewed with continued financial support of $45K. 

Marie-Lyse Guay has joined the town’s administration team on a permanent basis as Administration, accounting and payroll technician. 

In the first 3 months of 2021, the town has issued 136% more permits compared to 2020. 

Next meeting: May 3, 7 p.m.