from Town minutes

Mayor Richard Burcombe chaired the meeting with five councillors present; there were 22 citizens in attendance.

Questions – A question is raised about the rail tanker cars parked in Foster and speeding on Victoria.

Administration – The Town will apply to the Quebec Ministry of Culture for a $22,410 grant for the Museum and $21,000 grant to review its cultural policy. A new culvert will be installed on the site of the collapse of Fulford Rd at a cost of $51,206 plus installation.

Council voted to support the Aviron Knowlton Rowing Club in its request for a grant from the Federal government. The amount would cover the cost of a building for training and storage of equipment near the lake.

Christophe Savoie is confirmed as Municipal inspector for 3 years. The Town’s Clerk Owen Falquero is also confirmed in his position.

Public Security – Council will ask the Department of Transport to reduce the speed limit on Road 139 between the 104 and the Auberge West Brome from 90 to 70 km/hr.

Recreation and Community Services – Not for profit Action communautaire Lac-Brome is granted 2,500$ to get started.


Francine Bastien

Mayor Richard Burcombe chaired the meeting in the presence of all councillors. There were six people in the audience.

Call to order – Town Clerk, Owen Falquero announced that answers to questions asked during public sessions of Council will now be posted on TBL’s website with the minutes of the session.

Questions – A citizen asked what the town is doing to deal with climate change. The mayor and DG Gilbert Arel indicated that action is under way.

What is happening with the Blackwood dam? DG Gilbert Arel said he expects work to start on that project in September of this year.

Administration – A sum of $60,000 is voted for the consulting services of urbanist Jean-François Vachon.

A pay increase of 2.5% is voted for managers and non-unionized town employees. An increase of 2% in the remuneration of elected officials is accepted.

Land Use and Environment Management – The total value of permits delivered in 2019 amounts to $32.5M. A minor exception request is turned down.

Public Works – Many projects were carried out: reconstruction of the bridge on the path between the two schools; rebuilding of the culvert on Fulford Rd.; installation of guard rails on Turner Rd.; installation of the skating shed on Douglass Beach.

Leisure and Community Services – Theatre Lac Brome is awarded an $85,000 grant; $5,000 is voted in favour of the Museum; a supplemental grant of $7,500 will go the Celtic Festival Foundation; Ruiter Valley Land Trust will get $1,600; Canada’s National Children’s Mural is awarded $645.

Next meeting: Mon. Feb. 3 at 7 p.m. at CLB.