For almost a year now no municipal council meeting has occurred without “COVID” being directly or indirectly on the agenda. However, the usual major topics – Culture, Finances, Public Works, and Equipment – are definitely not on the backburner. Recently the town undertook to promote financial incentives aimed at attracting agrifood and restaurant businesses to the Coeur Villageois sector. This initiative “had already been in the pipeline for a year and a half,” said Mayor Richard Burcombe.


Non-essential businesses and hair salons have reopened. But the Estrie region is still a red zone.

Tax Relief

In December the council announced its decision to grant tax relief to industries (a 29% reduction) and to owners of commercial premises (a 33.6% reduction). It also passed a tax freeze on residential properties.

Visitor and vehicular traffic

Responding to a resident’s question, the mayor reassured the audience that parking ticket machines would be installed at the Douglass Beach and Tiffany parking areas. Residents holding parking stickers will continue to enjoy free access. Access to the lake at the end of Benoit Road may become reserved exclusively for residents. Solutions to achieve this goal are already under study.

Financial Assistance

A notice of motion was adopted regarding financial assistance aimed at new investors wanting to open a business in the Coeur Villageois sector, particularly those in the agrifood or restaurant businesses. Aid to assist in sprucing up commercial and industrial buildings is also being targeted.

Borrowing By-laws

Notice of motion was filed to borrow $ 4,580,183 to repair the aqueduct and sewer systems on Mountain Road. Second notices were filed to borrow $500,000 to rebuild footpaths and for $1,000,000 to acquire vehicles. These last two notices will be submitted for approval by referendum.

Renewed Subsidies

Municipal subsidies will be renewed for the Theatre ($85,000), the Library ($132,000) and the Knowlton Medical Clinic ($10,000), “on condition that they maintain their services on the territory of Brome Lake”, insisted Mayor Burcombe.

Magic Lanterns and the Magical Trail

The mayor warmly thanked Ysabelle Daval and Sylvain Bolduc and all the volunteers who successfully completed these exceptional projects, adding that: “Numerous people came from afar to admire the magical scenery you created in our downtown area.”

High Speed Internet

In response to a citizen, the mayor announced that 90% of the municipality’s territory will be covered by fiber optic cable between now and 2022. Work will start in May 2021.

Traffic on the Lake

“The town is only responsible for the rink area at Douglass Beach, and nowhere else on the lake”, the General Manager Gilbert Arel stated.

Next meeting: March 1, 7 p.m. CLB

Translation: Tam Davis