Mayor Richard Burcombe chaired the meeting with all councillors present. There were about 25 people in the audience.

Financial Report – TBL has a surplus of $898,000 for 2018. The full report can be accessed on the towns’s website.

Questions – More citizens are complaining about the noise caused by Airbnb rentals. A resident of St-Jude Street says it is like allowing a hotel in a residential neighbourhood. The mayor answers that the SQ has to do its work. Not a satisfactory answer for the resident. Mayor says that council might look at adopting a new bylaw, a process that takes six months. Another resident complained of the large difference in tax increases: 25% on waterfront properties compared to about 5% on other properties. The mayor replies that waterfront properties sometimes sell for twice their evaluation value. This contributes to the larger tax increases.

Administration – Cost to TBL for the SQ for this year: $1,874,568.

Human Resources – Town Clerk Edwin John Sullivan is leaving on June 21. He will be replaced by Owen Falquero, a lawyer from TBL.

Miscellaneous – A free surplus sum of $500,000 will be allocated to the revitalization of the centre of town.

Land use and environment – Higher value of permits this year compared to 2018.

Leisure, Culture and Community Life – Financial contributions of $600 to Brome Lake concert; $500 to Loisirs de Foster; $7,500 each to École St-Edouard and Knowlton Academy.

Questions – A resident complains about speeding on Bondville Road and suggests physical ways to reduce it. Mayor replies that agreement with Bromont on Police services should happen within the year.

Next meeting: Tuesday, July 2 at 7 pm at CLB.