Micheline Croteau

The mayor, councillors and 25 citizens were present.

Opening Remarks – In response to a petition submitted last month concerning the aquatic centre, the mayor announced that a second request for funding would not be accepted.

Questions – A citizen asked if the concerns expressed about the Faubourg Lac-Brome project were taken into account in the SCAOPI (Specific Construction Alteration on Occupancy Proposal for an Immoveable!) bylaw. Councillor Lee Patterson addressed the issue.

Administration – Contracts were awarded for emptying out airing ponds and septic tanks; replacing the water pipe on Knowlton Rd.; acquiring a 3/4 ton truck for sewage and water works; road paving, potholes and repairs; upgrading Town Hall architecture and systems; revitalizing shorelines, a Renaissance lac-Brome mandate.

Human Resources – Ghislain Forcier was hired to be responsible for Communications.

Bylaws – Notices of motion were given for borrowing bylaws: $3,950,000 to finance the reconstruction of water pipes and road works on Mill and Fairmount roads and $658,000 to finance the reconstruction of water works on Knowlton Rd.

Adoption of a code of ethics for elected officials.

Adoption of bylaw on Council public meetings; they will all take place at Centre Lac-Brome. Councillor Myles voted against. Informal meetings will be held in the various sectors to allow citizens to discuss their local issues more at length.

Adoption of bylaw on animal control.

Adoption of borrowing bylaw to purchase an $850,000 ladder truck for fires.

Land Management and Environment – Requests for architectural integration were accepted.

Two minor derogations were refused.

Two requests to the CPTAQ were accepted.

Public Safety – In the past 15 years, the First Responders received 5,000 calls.

Leisure, Culture and Community Life – Council voted to grant financial assistance to: Fête nationale, $9,000; Knowlton Literary Association, $8,000; Knowlton Film Festival, $5,000; Knowlton Academy, $7,500 for the hockey rink; Massey-Vanier Excellence Fund, $1,000; Yamaska Valley Optimist Club, $120 to purchase two tickets for the International Women’s Day dinner.

Authorization is granted to use Lion’s Park for Township Toddlers days on June1-3.

Varia – Council approves amalgamation of the Municipal Housing Offices of Bedford, Bromont, Cowansville, Farnham, Frelighsburg, Brome Lake, Ste-Brigide and Sutton.

Second question period – Citizens suggest different ways of fixing potholes. Questions were raised about the role of the new communications person hired by the town.

Next Meeting: April 3, CLB at 7 p.m.

Translation: Francine Bastien