Mayor Richard Burcombe chaired the meeting with five councillors, the director general and the town clerk present. There were ten people in the audience.

Administration – The contract for the construction of the Trestle Cove bridges was given to Quebec firm BSL construction in the amount of $874,000. Upon approving this resolution, the mayor said it took 30 years!

Human Resources – A town employee was fired. Lorraine Ouellette was hired as temporary inspector.

Notices of motion, bylaws – The town tabled a motion that would limit the use of certain exterior activities in a given area such as playing golf and practicing golf. (Ed. Note: the motion aimed to limit activities on the land occupied by the Inverness golf club which is ceasing its activities this summer.) Upon this tabling, a lawyer, Me Benoît Bourgon rose to speak to the issue even if it is not permissible to discuss a notice of motion at such a time in the proceedings. Nevertheless, after this intervention, Council with- drew the notice of motion.

Adoption of a bylaw to borrow $350,000 to install a sewage treatment station in the village of West Brome. The cost will be covered by a provincial grant. However, the town has to foot the bill that will be reimbursed over the course of 20 years by the grant. (Ed. Note: this is separate from the water/sewage network for the West Brome mobile houses area.)

Leisure, Culture and Community Life – Financial contributions: Fête nationale, $9,000; Fondation Festival Celtique de Montréal, $15,000; Shakespeare in the Park, $6,784.

Requests to use public domain:
RX 1Nation obstacle race, Lions Park, Apr. 27. Film Festival, Coldbrook Park, Aug. 22.

Next session: Monday,  Apr. 1, 2019 at CLB