Mayor Richard Burcombe chaired the meeting with five councillors present. There were six citizens in the audience.

Questions – A citizen who was involved in the organization of TBL soccer teams was upset that, as a volunteer, she was “fired’’. The mayor disagreed with this interpretation. Director General Gilbert Arel said that no volunteers seemed interested in setting up a not-for-profit body to run the soccer activities, so a coordinator was hired for one year. (Ed. Note: Recreation and Community Services was the not-for-profit body that ran soccer activities on TBL territory before the town took responsibility for recreation in 2018). The mayor suggested a meeting be held between the parties involved to come to an agreement on this issue.

Administration – To replace its street lights with LEDs, TBL will spend $200,000. Council estimates that over five years reduced electricity costs will cover that expense.

Knowlton landmarks are featured in a television series “The Republic of Sarah’’. A film crew was in the village in March to shoot scenes. The Pettes Library and the white and blue building on Lakeside are featured.

Land Use and Environment Management – More than a million dollars in permits have already been issued this year. Five requests for planning requests and minor derogations were granted.

Public Security – Adoption of the Security Risk Assessment Report. Councillor Lee Patterson noted that more than 60 false fire alarms were reported in 2019. A change in fee structure for false alarms will be considered.

Public Works – TBL looking at possible grants for a four-season skating rink in Foster.

Leisure, Culture and Community Life – Council voted to grant $10,000 to Fête nationale du Québec; $500 to Massey-Vanier Scholarship Fund and $3,000 to Knowlton Film Festival.

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