Record activity in construction and renovations The number and value of permits granted by the Town proves it. Prior to the end of 2021’s first quarter, the number of construction and renovation permits had increased by 75% compared with the same period last year, an increase in value about eight times over that in January-February 2020, going from over $1,000,000 in 2020 to almost $10,000,000 this year. This will likely result in higher increases in municipal property and transfer taxes for years to come.

“An incredible situation!” stated Councillor David Taveroff when he filed the monthly report of the Territory and Environment Management service. What will we say if this trend continues until the end of 2021?

Work on the dam finally set for the fall?

An expense and borrowing of $3,039,000 were approved for reconstruction of the dam at Mill Pond in Lac-Brome, a project linked to the plan to renovate the town’s central area. General Manager Gilbert Arel confirmed he had high hopes that this promising project would finally be approved by the Department of the Environment (MELCC) this autumn to enable work to begin prior to the end of 2021. The call for tenders has been launched.

Trail between Knowlton’s southern sector and downtown for 2022

The Jean-Lapierre residential project, located above the Town’s dog park, could be tied to the downtown area by a paved pathway by 2022. General Manager Arel announced TBL had acquired a parcel of land for this project at a cost of $30,000 from the project’s promoter, Mr. Gélinas, who agreed to the transaction.

Information Meeting to come for Distributions Payeur project

Distributions Payeur, a family-owned company which distributes tractors, forestry equipment and other equipment, is looking to open a branch at the former È location on Knowlton Road. In favour of the project, the Town will hold an information session for residents who are concerned that locating the business there will cause an increase in heavy vehicle traffic and noise in that area. The project is on hold at the moment.

Review of fines for unwarranted fire alarms

Under a new by-law, TBL has finally brought in line with Sutton, its public security and fire service charges fines for false alarms. From now on TBL will charge fines as soon as a second false alarm is made within any five year period, rather than a third false alarm as is presently the case. Importantly, where a false alarm is made due to negligence, a bill for a fine will be sent automatically, without any other notice. Since 2017 the fire services of both Sutton and TBL have been working under the same authority.

Other Matters

The mayor warmly thanked all the individuals who, in one fashion or another, have supported the fire service team when they were called to deal with major fires.

Next Meeting: April 6, 7 p.m., CLB

Translation: Tam Davis