Mayor Richard Burcombe chaired the meeting with all councillors present. There were about 30 people in the audience.

General Information – The mayor apologized for the way the last council meeting ended. He had a conversation with the citizen who wanted to ask a question and both parties were satisfied with the out- come. Councillor Lucy Gagnon thanked all those who participated in the spring cleaning effort. More than 75 volunteers took part.

Questions – To a question about the parking of RVs at the beach, the mayor said he did not want any parking of such vehicles at the beach. The owner of the Airbnb rental property on rue Montagne said he was intimidated by those who complained about noise. The mayor said the owner of the property is also responsible for tenants’ behavior. Furthermore, he encouraged the owner to talk to tenants to get them to respect the neighbour’s peace or the town will have to intervene.

Administration – Martin Lussier is confirmed as recreation services coordinator.

Legislation and bylaws – Adoption of amendments to bylaws concerning the creation of private roads and banning camping grounds in certain areas. These bylaws are subject to a public consultation to be held on June 3 at 6 p.m. prior to the next council meeting.

Land Use and Environment Management – So far this year, 113 permits were issued, a net increase over last year. Council granted a minor derogation to build within the shoreline protection zone on Korner Street.

Leisure, Culture and Community Life – Council voted to grant $10,000 to Pediatric Centre Main dans la Main plus $2,500 on behalf of the grandparents of the girl who recently died tragically in Granby. They live in TBL. Echec au crime is granted $480 and Fondation des Sports adaptés $250.

Granting of use of the public domain for some activities such as Louise Penny book event on Aug. 24 at Coldbrook Park; Méchoui Foster on June 15-16 at Ovide Dagenais Park; Yamaska Literacy Festival on Sept. 6 – 7 at Lions Park.

Questions – Lawyer for Inverness Golf property owners want public consultation to find compromise on issue.

Next meeting: Monday June 3 at 7 pm at CLB

Special Council meeting – May 13

Mayor Richard Burcombe chaired the meeting with all councillors present. There were four members of the public.

Administration – A $920,000 contract was awarded to provide the village of West Brome with a town water purification system. The Auberge West Brome will pay its share. The project is conditional on the town obtaining the required Environment ministry authorization as well as the financing for the project.

Questions – As part of the program Amie des Aînés, a citizen asked if more pressure could be exercised to get doctors to the Knowlton clinic. The mayor said the CIUSSS was looking at ways to get doctors faster such as granting a derogation to allow an MD already in the region to move to the Knowlton Clinic or consider a government decree to facilitate doctor recruitment. Some 1800 people have signed the petition that circulated recently.