The mayor thanked all those who worked day and night during the power outage: town employees, firemen, first responders. “They worked in exceptional conditions to help TBL residents” said the mayor who also thanked the spouses of all these workers for their support.

Comparative Statements – DG Gilbert Arel indicated that the town expects to finish its financial year with a $1.3M surplus mainly due to the input of the welcome tax. The sale of the Foster golf course also brought close to $400,000 in revenue from back taxes for the past 10 years. (Ed. Note: golf courses are exempt from certain taxes while in operation).

Correspondance – A letter from the Minister of Municipal Affairs indicates that for the 2nd year of the triennial roll, housing values are on average 5% lower than selling prices.

The Minister of Public Security turned down TBL’s request to opt out of the SQ services to join forces with the Bromont police.

Questions – A resident of St-Jude Street is running out of patience concerning noise from the rental of an Airbnb every weekend on his street. He urgently asked the town to act. The mayor replied that a bylaw in this respect will not be ready for next month’s meeting.

Administration – A new information system is being put in place in order to reach the citizens by e-mail or by phone in an emergency situation.

First reading of bylaw is tabled to authorize the densification of parking spaces in front of semi-detached houses. A public consultation will take place on Dec. 2.

Land use and Environment – The value of permits keeps rising. It is now more than $30M this year. All requests for architectural integration and minor derogations were accepted.

Public Safety – Request to the MTQ to install a handicapped parking spot in front of the Uniprix on Knowlton Road.

Recreation, Culture, Tourism and Community Life – Financial contributions: $9,930 to Midnight Madness (to be held on Dec. 7) and $45 to the Brome Missisquoi Youth Foundation for a special item.

The winter fireworks to be held at Coldbrook Park on Saturday Dec. 28 or Sunday December 29 in case of bad weather.

Next Meeting: Mon. Dec. 2 at 7 p.m. at CLB