A special grant to fight the pandemic Midnight Madness cancelled

TBL will receive a sum of $502,305. from the Department of Municipal Affairs to deal with the extra costs of the pandemic. The first portion of the grant will be paid in December followed by a second one in March 2021. Director General Gilbert Arel told Tempo that the town has already spent $250,000 on the pandemic: security agents, cancellation of interest payments on delayed taxes, moving the public market, first responders at the IGA, hand washing stations in stores, etc.

Work at Douglass Beach

Replying to a question from Renaissance Lac Brome president Hélène Drouin, Mayor Richard Burcombe said that paving work was being done in the parking area to increase the number of parking spots and help with the catchment basins.

Midnight Madness

At the request of merchants, Midnight Madness has been cancelled this year. The town intends to propose different initiatives.

Seniors infrastructure

The Infrastructure program to help municipalities with their senior population (PRIMADA) is about to be made official. The Department of Municipal Affairs has already allocated a grant of $17,900 to TBL under that program. This is half the budget that will go to insfrastructure, in part to install about ten benches on cement bases along the walking paths.

Buildings demolition

The building demolition and sodding of the land at 30 Lakeside cost the town $83,709. “The tearing down of the building located between the library and the hardware store cost $41,687. New planning of this piece of land will take place in the spring and will depend on the evolution of the library project” said Arel.


Following complaints about hens running free on some properties, Mayor Burcombe said the bylaws concerning farm animals in the village will be revised in the next few months. Councillor Lee Patterson reminded citizens to change the batteries in their smoke detectors and carbon monoxide at this time of year.

Next meetings: Monday, Dec. 7 recorded on Zoom and broadcast later.
Budget meeting: Monday, Dec. 14 at 7 p.m. on Facebook.

Translation: Francine Bastien