Do not expect to walk over the Trestle Cove bridges all the way to Foster on the footpath before the month of November. This is the new timetable the town is working on for the construction of this long promised infrastructure. It was first budgeted for completion at the end of last year.

The construction of the bridges over the Quilliams a couple of years ago had shown that building over water or in wetlands was quite challenging for the environment. To minimize those risks the bridges were built during the winter while the ground was frozen. A similar plan was to be adopted for Trestle Cove. However, according to TBL Director-General Gilbert Arel, the situation at Trestle Cove is quite different; moving heavy machinery in the area during winter is no longer a necessity. Moreover, the delay allowed the town to claim financial assistance from the province to build the bridges, thus reducing the final bill by about $150,000.

Now a call for tenders has to be made, and contractors have to submit their plans. This will take a few months. Also, the challenge of construction over water remains complex, and the successful bidder will have to demonstrate how it will be done and show it has the expertise to carry out the work.

So, November of this year will be ribbon cutting time …  if all goes well.