It has been, for decades, the talk of many TBL councils. Now, it seems to be getting closer to reality.

The reality being a path along the old railway tracks that will go along the lake, link the centre of Knowlton without interruption to Foster. The cost of building that essential last link over the Trestle Cove portion of the lake has risen over the years; it is now estimated at one million dollars.

To help pay the bill, the town has received a grant of $150,000 from the Department of Municipal Affairs special Fund for the regions. The rest, $850,000, will be borrowed by the town and paid back over a 20-year period.

Construction in 2019

Last year the town announced that the two bridges would be built during the winter months, at the end of this year, when the ground is frozen. This was meant to prevent environmental damage caused by the passage of heavy machinery in ecologically fragile areas.

The construction of similar structures on the Quilliams path – which will be part of the new footpath – was done two years ago during the winter. This time, the construction is expected to take place in the spring of 2019.

Once completed, the path will run, without interruption, from Knowlton to Foster, about ten kilometres.