Trevor Stenson, who has died at the age of 63, operated the Café Floral in Knowlton with his wife Janet Fraser for more than 21 years. Trevor and Janet first operated the Café in the `blue building’ on Lakeside, which has since been torn down. They moved up to a larger place on England Hill where they operated for 10 years. Trevor was born in England in November of 1957 and moved to Canada with his family when he was five years old. His father was an engineer in the aerospace industry and the family lived in St. Bruno.

Trevor came to this area to ski as a teenager and moved here in his early 20s. He taught skiing at Glen Mountain and worked on the hill and as a bartender. He worked at The Pub for nine years as a well-known, friendly bartender. He also worked in a gardening business.

Janet and Trevor’s love story had a rocky start. “He tried to pick me up in The Pub and I didn’t like him,” said Ms. Fraser. Later they worked together at The Pub and married on Glen Mountain in May of 1990. The two worked together at their creation, Café Floral, first at 30 Lakeside before expanding. The restaurant became a focal point of village life.

Trevor continued to work at Café Floral even after being diagnosed with cancer. Janet said the COVID-19 pandemic was a blessing in one way, in that they were able to spend the last year of his life at home together without the daily pressure of operating a restaurant. In the final days of his life, Trevor and Janet decided against palliative care. “He died at home in my arms.”

Trevor Stenson is survived by his wife Janet and their children, Meeca and Rowan. There was no funeral but Trevor wanted ‘an old fashioned Irish wake’ once the pandemic is over.