Ludovic and Céleste Joseph are two young Knowlton residents whose parents operate La Cyclerie on Knowlton Road. They are in their first year of road bicycle competition and their performances indicate a very promising future for both of them. They are training here with Philippe Wauthier, their mother Mélanie Trottechaud’s partner and at the Centre national cycliste de Bromont. “Training with Phil really gives us an edge, he is helping us with musculation and with our techniques such as turns,” says Ludovic, a 14-year old secondary 2 high-school student at Massey-Vanier. His sister Céleste, 9 years old, at St. Édouard School, ends all races on the podium.

Mélanie Trottechaud believes that in life your wishes can materialize. Handicapped at birth
Ludovic was not supposed to ever talk or walk. Well, now he is competing in bicycle races and dreams of becoming a professional cyclist. On his 18th birthday he intends to train with the paracyclist team, but for now he is competing in regular races and is training once a week with the paracyclist team trainer, Guillaume Plourde. All these races and training should be an advantage and give him a lead when time comes to join this team. Later this summer, he will take part in the  Games in road bicycle races. Until then, he trains dutifully and participates in races throughout the province. He places very well for a beginner athlete in this sport. Céleste, for her part, is very fond of her new sport. She is experiencing difficulties at school and her bicycling passion is teaching her that we can all excel in something. She is aiming at being a champion and training others.

It will be possible to follow them all summer and later, for their mother intends to pin Céleste and Ludovic’s medals on the Cyclerie’s wall. We wish them a great racing season.

Translation: Guy Côté