What is a coffee experience?

“The idea for a coffee experience came to me when I was on a wine-tour with friends,” Tara Moar explained. “On a wine-tour, you go behind the scenes of wine. You find out how it is made, you find out why wines are different, you discover why you like this wine and not that one; you drink a lot of wine. The result is that, while you have fun, you also learn a lot about what makes fine wine. Matt and I asked ourselves, why can’t we do this with coffee?”

Tara Moar, who co-owns Virgin Hill Coffee with Matt Greer, hesitated to call their new place simply a café. Yes, you can buy a coffee there, as in a café. You can also buy bags of coffee, or Keurig pods, to take home, as in a shop. What is different, is that you can also taste a variety of fine coffees that are not available in the regular market. You can blend these unique coffees, and using mini-coffee-roasters, you can experiment with different kinds of blend and the roast that suits you best, you can file it into the system and have your own personal blend that you can order whenever you like.

The big difference though between fine wine and fine coffee is that fine coffee is affordable. If you wish to deepen your enjoyment of your favourite beverage, you know where to go. Virgin Hill’s coffee experience is at 770 chemin Lakeside.