Town of Brome Lake’s general manager is resolute. TBL will have its own container for voluntary glass deposit in September. “The container will be installed during September in IGA Gazaille’s parking lot on Knowlton Road,” declared Gilbert Arel in an interview with Tempo.

TBL is following the footsteps of Bromont and Cowansville which launched their glass deposit programs several months ago. So far, they say, the population’s response has exceeded all expectations.

Many TBL residents are well aware that the presence of glass in our blue bins both ruins the quality of other recyclable materials, such as cardboard, plastic and paper, and hinders the process of recycling the glass or upgrading its value. They are welcoming this TBL initiative with enthusiasm.

In Quebec barely 37% of the glass destined for sorting centres across the province ends up being recycled or upgraded. This is very little compared with results of numerous Canadian and European towns and cities which often combine separate glass deposit programs with public or private returnable bottle deposit systems. Ontario’s bottle deposit system, for example, generates an 80% return rate of wine and alcohol bottles, enabling that glass to be reused several times over its useful life.

As with our neighbours, Bromont and Cowansville, glass collected in TBL’s container at IGA will be shipped to 2M Resources, in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, an expert in managing, treating and reconditioning residual materials, including glass. “This recycling operation will be virtually cost-free (excluding the cost of the container), as the amounts paid to TBL by 2M Resources will cover almost all the transport costs,” pointed out TBL’s general manager.

Translation: Tam Davis