By Derf Nagnal

Bernie Sanders has introduced a bill in the United States Senate allowing anyone living within 30 miles (48 kilometres) of the Vermont border to be granted special voting rights in the US presidential election.

“Many of these people were once part of pre-revolutionary America, and we shouldn’t hold a grudge about the French and Indian Wars,” said Senator Sanders.

As a historical reminder from Wikipedia, the Americans had their own name for the Seven Years War: “The French and Indian War (1754–1763) pitted the colonies of British America against those of New France. The outnumbered French particularly depended on the Indians.”

If Senator Sanders’ proposal becomes law, it would mean every citizen of the Town of Brome Lake would have a vote. The Vermont Senator is a great admirer of our medicare system and is proposing the same thing for the U.S.

“Universal health care and reasonable drug prices are available north of the border, and the example of their success is an inspiration for all Americans,” said Senator Sanders. As it turns out Mr. Sanders could be handing Joe Biden the votes he hoped to get in a race against Mr. Trump.

Voting stations would be set up just over the Vermont border in the Town Hall in Newport, the Post Office in North Troy and at the Pinnacle Peddler in Richford. None of this will happen if the current occupant of the White House has a say.

“This is an outrageous attempt by Crazy Bernie to court socialist Quebecers who would certainly vote for him,” tweeted President Trump.

The proposal comes up for a vote in the Senate in mid-April.