The mayor and all councillors were present plus 14 residents. Planning for a policy to enable seniors to live at home is proceeding well. An agreement covering service by First Responders should be finalized soon.

Questions – Several residents raised questions about work in gravel pits causing a lot of noise very early in the morning. One resident noted an excavation close to a property line that may result in a hazardous situation and instability of the steep slope. Council will investigate both concerns and review the noise bylaw.

“Neighbour’s Day Celebration” will be held on August 11 at the Allen property just north of the Creek Church with supper scheduled for 5 p.m.

Mt Foster – Negotiations are continuing and some new proposals may result in an agreement before autumn.

Inspector’s Report – Five permits were issued covering work with a value of $158,000. A new bylaw #344-2018 was adopted to permit the construction of buildings on posts and pilings. The design must be approved by an engineer. Check with town hall for details.

Poisonous Giant Hog Weed – If you find Hogweed plants please inform town hall. There is a budget to eradicate them.

Administration – A new bylaw regulating the distance between water wells and any drilling for oil or gas was presented. The provisions of this bylaw will almost certainly prevent any petroleum exploration in the municipality. Municipalities and the MRC are developing a protocol to deal with houses that are unsafe or present a health risk to the occupants.

Roads – Work on Foster Rd. and other roads scheduled for major repairs has not started due to a delay in receiving confirmation of government road subsidies. Early grading and the first application of dust suppressant have almost been completed. A second application will be made later in the summer.

Next Meeting: Monday, July 3rd at 7:30 p.m.