The mayor and all councillors were present.

“Neighbour’s Day Celebration” will be held on August 11 with supper scheduled for 5 p.m.

Mt Foster – A meeting with the promoter and Appalachian corridor is scheduled for May 9.

Administration – Financial report presented by B. Chrétien of Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton. A draft resolution to allow the construction of buildings on posts and pilings was approved. Final approval will be given at the next council meeting. Training sessions for municipal staff were approved. A $93,500 contract for collection of garbage and recycling up to Dec 31, 2018 was approved.

A new bylaw regulating the distance between wells and any oil or gas exploration wells will be presented soon.

Roads – A $40,800 contract for purchase and spreading of 160,000 litres of dust suppressant was approved.

Federal Grants – A letter will be sent to Denis Paradis, MP asking that rural municipalities without municipal water or sewer systems be allowed more flexibility in the expenditure of federal grants. Denis Paradis MP is organizing a “Brome-Missisquoi” event in Ottawa on May 31, Mayor J. Drolet will attend.

Information was presented on: bats, turtles, riparian reserves and water quality testing.

An SQ officer was present to answer any questions from residents after the meeting. Criminal activity can be reported by calling 310- 4141. Anonymous reports can be made by calling 1-800-711-1800.

Next Meeting: Monday, June 4 at 7:30 p.m.