The mayor and all councillors were present, plus seven residents.

Auditor’s Report – The external auditor’s report on the 2018 financial statements is posted on the municipal website.

Questions – The Mt. Gauvin development in St-Étienne is accessible only through Paramount and de la Tour roads in West Bolton. There should be an inter-municipal cost-sharing agreement on maintenance of these access roads. Review of the municipal and MRC Land Use Plan (Schéma d’aménagement) will begin in 2020. The plan includes lists of uses permitted in each zone. All changes will be subject to public discussion.

Mt Foster – The public consultation was held on May 25. Ballots are coming in and will be counted on Friday June 7. It is unfortunate that misleading information is still being circulated.

Urbanism – John Rhicard, municipal road maintenance supervisor, was appointed Deputy Municipal Inspector to assist the part-time urbanism consultant. A minor derogation was approved to get CPTAQ approval for transfer of land in the Bolton Pass to the Nature Conservancy of Canada. Work will start on development of a by-law governing applications to demolish heritage buildings. This will include a definition of heritage buildings.

Roads – Filling pot holes on Foster Rd has been delayed due to rain. The road will be repaired and resurfaced in the autumn at a cost of $764,354. Due to delay in approval of government grants to pay for road maintenance, a $530,180 borrowing bylaw was approved.

Environment – Unfortunately residents are still putting plastic bags and other non-compostable items in the brown bins reserved for compostable materials. One plastic bag contaminates an entire truckload and it is then sent to land-fill.

Blue bins are scheduled for delivery in July.

Next meeting: Tuesday, July 2, 7:30 p.m.