The mayor and all councillors, except Denis Vaillancourt, were present by Zoom.

Opening Statement – The mayor noted that residents of Quebec are starting to react to the strain of restrictions on movement and the size of gatherings. Look after your friends and continue to respect the health rules. Please stop putting plastic bags etc. in the compost bin.

Annual audit of municipal finances – The auditors presented the year-end financial statements. They will be posted on the municipal website. A small surplus is expected at year-end.

Urbanism – Gilles Asselin and Mme Chaput were confirmed as members of the CCU for an additional period. Two applications (127 Glen Rd and 63 Fuller Rd) for short-term tourist rental permits were approved subject to inspection by the fire department and proof of insurance coverage. A minor derogation to add a residential space above a garage was approved.

Notice of Motion to change the zoning to allow the St. Martin Restaurant building to be used for other commercial purposes was tabled.

Roads – The mayor and director general will negotiate permission to build a temporary turning place at the end of Cousens Rd. The road may be extended in the future.

Next meetings: Monday December 7 at 7:30 p.m. Monday December 21 at 7:30 p.m.