The mayor and all councillors were present plus 13 residents. Opening comments from Mayor Drolet – The Quebec election will be held on Oct 1st. All citizens should learn what the parties propose and be sure to vote. The Council has sent a list of general concerns to all candidates. See municipal website for the list.


More discussion about the colour of garbage bins and the problems faced by weekenders who must remove bins from the roadside after garbage collection.

Vegetation cut along roadsides create a mess in the ditches.

Road repairs needed before winter.

If TBL and Bromont are able to form a joint police force, West Bolton might benefit from joining it too.

Discussions with TBL on First Responders are continuing.

Mt Foster: – A meeting was held by the Appalachian Corridor

The MRC mayors are working together with OBV Yamaska (Organisme de Bassin Versant) to improve water quality in the Yamaska watershed. Areas of concern are: erosion control, pesticides, reduce forest clearing where possible, riparian zones and septic system efficiency.

Next Meeting: Saturday Oct 6th at 9:30 a.m.